A Day in Singapore: Gardens by the Bay (Star Wars Day 2017)

Hi everyone! Last week was Star Wars Day on May the 4th, so during that weekend, the Gardens by the Bay had some festivities going on to celebrate that day. They have collaborated with Disney to bring Star Wars to the Gardens. Besides a Star Wars Run, there was also a festival selling Star Wars merchandise, a Star Wars themed Garden Rhapsody light show, as well as the “Sabertrees”, where a beam of light shoots out from the top of the Supertrees.


The Garden Rhapsody was a light show where basically the Supertrees at the Supertree Grove light up in different patterns and colours according to music. For that day, they were playing music from the Star Wars soundtrack. If you’ve been to the Gardens many times like me, it’s actually the same thing as always, just that the music is different hahaha…Anyway, it is still a spectacle to see nonetheless.

After the Garden Rhapsody, the Supertrees lit up as Sabertrees, and a beam of light shoots up to the sky. Was slightly disappointed as the “light sabers” did not light up very strongly, but then again they did warn us that in their advertisement.



The Force is strong around here. 


The Force is with me!

As it was a Saturday then, massive crowds from all walks of life thronged the Gardens. As such, we had to walk the long way back to Bayfront MRT, as one of the staff promised it would be a faster route. Yeah right….



A bedazzled R2D2!

Gardens by the Bay is very popular among locals and tourists as it is pretty unique and has a close proximity to the hugely popular Marina Bay Sands. If you like parks, plants and long walks, it is really a good place to go 🙂



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