10 Things I Learnt Today

  1. When someone makes a mistake and asks you for help, never tell the person off for making that mistake. What’s done is done. They didn’t come to you for a lecture, they come to seek comfort and help.
  2. When it comes to solving problems, solve the one that requires immediate attention first, before trying to ask for more information about the situation.
  3. That said, I am sometimes afraid to act rashly, and therefore tend to ask for too much information in order to help someone.
  4. Knowing what a person wants/needs from me is super important. Otherwise, I will do things thinking I’m helping them or making up to them, but in fact I just hurt their feelings even more.
  5. When a person is mad at you, your intentions don’t matter anymore, but it is what you do or say next that matters.
  6. In all circumstances, regardless of intention, NEVER PUT MONEY ON THE TABLE. People might mistake you for buying them over with money, or thinking you can buy them over with money, especially when they’re already so mad at you.
  7. When someone says “nvm” in the middle of the argument, you are in deep shit.
  8. When someone is in trouble and you are the first person they go to, it means they trust you the most, that they know you won’t screw them over. Otherwise, they’ll never trust you again.
  9. I should be grateful if I still have any friends left today.
  10. I am a terrible, terrible person.

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