[FoodforEva] I Tried Muji Food

I love Muji, because it’s one of the few shops that totally fit my aesthetic- simple and functional items, mild and earthy colours that are warm and pleasing to the eyes, and overall a very cosy and calming atmosphere. They also have a wide selection of food items such as snacks and sweets, ready-to-eat meals, drinks and desserts. Some Muji outlets also have a Cafe & Meal, which is a cafe selling healthy and clean-tasting meals, again giving off that unique Muji aesthetic.

Inspired by the wonderful duo from Tabieats, where they did a Muji taste test of many different types of ready-made Indian curry, I went to Muji and picked out a couple of interesting food items to try out. I went on a Muji hunt for an appetiser, a main, a drink/dessert and one snack.

After much deliberation (they have so many food items I had trouble deciding), here’s what I got:

[L-R: Light Meal Pescatora Style Pasta, Butter Chicken Curry, Sakura Marshmallow and Handmade Mango and Coconut Che]

[1] Light Meal Pescatora Style Pasta

I bought this because I love pasta and you can never go wrong with pasta. Did some research and learnt that “Pescatora Style Pasta” (or Pasta alla Pescatora) is pasta in an Italian style of cooking, with the word “Pescatora” derived from the Italian word “Pescatore” meaning fisherman. Pescatora Style Pasta consists of a marinara-style sauce with seafood such as squid and shellfish.


It’s really easy to prepare, simply put the contents inside a mug and pour 80ml of hot water, and mix for a few minutes.




The pasta was nicely al dente, and the soup had a creamy consistency with a nice seafood flavour, which reminded me of a lobster bisque. There are also bits of vegetables in the soup, but it was definitely different from what it looked like in the picture. I think this will make a great snack when you’re hungry and yet want something other than cookies or chips.

[2] Butter Chicken Curry

The people from Tabieats were raving about Muji’s Indian curries, so I had to try one of them. I chose a non-spicy one.


This one was also quite easy to make. I emptied the contents into a dish, and put it in the microwave for about a minute (at 1200w). One packet is enough to serve one person, and it’s quite a huge portion. I’m glad there are also significant chunks of meat inside.


The curry has a very smooth and oily consistency, and the taste is sweet and tangy, not spicy at all. The chicken meat is nicely seasoned but a little fibrous, but you can’t expect much from ready-to-eat meals.

[No rice so had to use bread]

[3] Handmade Mango and Coconut Che


Muji had quite a selection of drinks and desserts so I got one of them. Besides the packet mix, I also required milk.



According to the instructions, it can be made into a smoothie or a beverage depending on how much milk you add into the mix. I’m surprised the instructions didn’t tell us how to prepare the sago, which were raw and hard :/

P1010465 P1010466

The drink is pretty normal- coconut milk and mango puree mixed together.

[4] Sakura Marshmallow

Muji has a good selection of marshmallows in different sizes and flavours. I have tried their green tea and lemon flavoured ones and they’re both really good, so when they had a Sakura-flavoured one I just had to try it.



The marshmallows came individually packaged, and they were huge and fluffy with just enough anko (red bean filling) in them. I love anko, it’s not too sweet and just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. It’s so addictive that I can’t stop helping myself to more.



There’s so many more that I want to try from Muji, but unfortunately some of them are rather expensive. Will definitely come back to check out the rest of what they have to offer!


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