10 Thoughts This Week

1. It really sucks to have my feelings disregarded for three years and yet the blame is on me now, because someone is now feeling the same way as I did, but chose to speak out. 

2. I wonder if I had followed my heart and done what I wanted to do earlier, will the result then still be the same as now?

3. Life is playing a prank on us, always giving us what we want at the wrong moments, and so we can never seize the opportunity to grab them. 

4. I wish we had more time to talk this out. I am very sure it was a misunderstanding. 

5. I can’t control the way people feel, but I can control my reaction to them. 

6. I wish more people can realise that the people who love them are just right beside them all along, saves a lot of trouble. 

7. I feel really cheated. I feel like someone was being irresponsible. Three years feeling this way can’t compare to a moment of feeling the same way. 

8. Maybe we just have to give in to people’s egos and let them do what they want. 

9. Life goes on, and I shall continue to seek happiness in myself. 

10. I need sleep. I need a proper closure. I don’t know what I really want now. 
P.S. It’s funny how things took an opposite turn from my last ’10 Thoughts’ nearly a month ago 


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