Lessons I Learnt from a Failed Relationship

1. Know the difference between someone who loves me for my company and attention, and someone who loves me for who I am.

2. At the moment I know from the bottom of my heart that this relationship is never going to work out, it’s better to leave it earlier than hoping it’ll become better. I have been hoping it’ll get better, but for how long?

3. Stability and the fear of being threatened should not be the sole/main reason for staying in a relationship. 

4. Just because I click well with a guy a few times, doesn’t mean he can/should be my boyfriend. 

5. Resolve any minor cracks in the relationship before they get bigger. They may seem like nothing and easily forgiven, but they may not be in the long term. 

6. I should know when I’m being taken for granted. 

7.  A stable, long-term relationship should not just be based on a few habits, quirks, common memories, or a set routine. 

8. Chemistry is extremely important. 

9. Be comfortable around him, but not too comfortable. 

10. I don’t have to feel bad for leaving a toxic relationship. 


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