10 Hypothetical Questions To Myself 

1. How far will I go for someone I love? How far SHOULD I go?

2. Should I love selfishly and want to make my efforts known, or should I love selflessly and be a silent supporter? 

3. Can anyone ever love someone unconditionally without feeling hurt as a result? 

4. Why does it feel like I’m being left out? Why does it feel like I’m not important? 

5. Do I even have to feel important to someone to feel loved? Do I have to feel important in order to love someone? 

6. Why is it so hard for me to be honest without sounding brutal or uncivilised? How can I make my thoughts known without sounding too unreasonable?

7. Why am I feeling an overwhelming sense of loneliness? 

8. Why do I feel like I’m going to regret it in future?

9. Why do I feel compelled to hide my true feelings all the time? Why am I so bad at expressing them?

10. What should I do now…


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