I Had a Dream

I dreamt about you last night in my sleep. It’s been the first time in quite a while.

In my dream, you came back, as if nothing had happened a long time ago. Whenever we were with each other, it felt like we were in our own little world.

In my dream, you were seeing someone else, someone you didn’t love as much. You asked me to run away with you, to somewhere where it’s just the two of us.

In my dream, we were hanging out together, like as before, except in a foreign land. We were going to the places we loved to eat, and then a long walk at the park.

In my dream, you were always there for me, my pillar of support. I was in the lowest period of my life, and you stood by me, telling me everything would be alright. You held me close to you, and I shed a few tears.

In my dream, it felt like we meant the world to each other, a world where we thought that we will never part from each other. It was as if, we were going back to the past again, except that we knew exactly what we were feeling about each other.

It’s been two hours since I woke up, and images from the dream continue to resurface in my mind.

I asked myself, if time were to go back, would I still have fallen for you? Yes.

It started with just a crush which went away quickly, but I never thought it will become something more in the first place, and my feelings for you have brought immense joy and pain to my life that will impact me for the rest of my life.

After the dream, I suddenly missed you a lot. I wish I have the courage to ask you out, just for a bit. I just want to see you and talk to you again.

Yet another half of me feels guilty for thinking that way. I feel conflicted inside.


[FoodforEva] My Favourite Cake from Starbucks

I have been going to Starbucks quite often these days, which is quite a huge change for me. In the past, I used to lament about how overpriced Starbucks is, and how people are blindly throwing their money to an establishment. Soon, I find myself coming to Starbucks quite often, not because of the drinks and food, but for the environment.

Agree with me or not, but I find it quite a conducive place for study dates. On less busy days, Starbucks is quite nice- not too noisy and not too quiet, enough for me to concentrate on getting work done while still being able to have a conversation every now and then. It’s also a good place to be in between appointments, or when I have a long break and have nowhere to go. I like to just sit there and chill with a drink and good book to accompany me. Lately, I found another good reason to come to Starbucks. Read More

Ten Thoughts Today: How to tell someone (that you really care about) you’re unhappy about something they did, nicely

Based on my experiences; also, a note to self.

1. Tell them everything, exactly what they did/ what happened, in chronological order, as if you’re narrating a story. Leave no gaps and doubts. Also, thinking about what to say will also help you check whether if this issue is even worth pointing out/be unhappy about.

2. Don’t say anything they didn’t do.

3. Tell them exactly how their actions made you feel. Do you feel sad? Disappointed? Make them realise that they weren’t being nice, without directly telling them that they’re being an ass. No accusations, just descriptions.

4. If you’re unhappy about something they did, NEVER accuse them of something/labelling them. You may feel that they’re being a certain way, but what if they aren’t like that? If your good friend accidentally forgot to invite you to a party, don’t accuse them of not caring about you anymore. They’ll just be defensive/get pissed at you. Worse, they will never think what they did is wrong and neglect your feelings completely. So it isn’t worth anything.

5. If someone made you angry/sad, never tell them straightaway, not when you’re emotional. Tell them once you’ve cooled down. It’s easier because (1) You tend to be more careful with your words and say it in a calm manner and (2) If the other party becomes agitated, it won’t affect you so much, it’ll just make themselves look bad.

6. If you wait a little longer, who knows for some circumstances they might even realise they made a mistake without you needing to tell them.

7. Be specific, but also very careful with your tone and words. People can get really sensitive and defensive and try to explain a lot of things and neglect the fact that you’re disappointed in the first place.

8. As much as possible, avoid airing your grievances through text, for many good reasons, such as (1) People might misunderstand your tone (after all, people do not like it when others are angry at them) and (2) You’ll tend to rant/be even more angry and careless about your words and tone.

9. Therefore, it’s best to tell them in person. Meet them up for coffee or a meal, food makes everyone a little happier. If not, give them a call, when it’s a good time to talk, not when they’re in the middle of something or when they’re already having a bad day.

10. If they get agitated, calm down and give them some time to process. If they really care about you, and if you tell them nicely, they shouldn’t get pissed.

Hope I didn’t miss out anything.

Writing this is so therapeutic for some reason.

Till next time, take care everyone.


Ten Thoughts This Week

1. The cold weather is really awesome, feels like Hong Kong in October/November, really loving it so far. Kinda miss the warmth that always greeted me whenever I come out of an air conditioned room or bus though.

2. The sky cleared up today, so went cycling at the park. The weather was lovely today. I wore a sweater, and I didn’t sweat at all. In fact, the wind was really chilly. My knee caps are dying now though, worth it. The feeling of being able to cycle and cover such a long distance by myself is still so unreal to me. Super grateful to XLB for teaching me.

3. When you meet someone you haven’t met in years, suddenly all the old memories start flooding back. I felt a sudden, overwhelming sadness, not because I miss the past, but I hate that I was reminded of it again. People try to forget about the past, until a bit of it comes back to haunt you.

4. Then I start thinking of more things that happen in the past, and I get angry about it.

5. Angry because people have been taking advantage of me, or the people I care about just vanish because they want to, with no regard for my feelings. I feel disappointed because I put so much hope in someone and yet they didn’t matter at all in the end.

6. As I grow older, I tend to appreciate the things and people around me more. Cherish every happy moment, because you’ll never know when it’ll be the last time. I’m glad I haven’t taken things for granted.

7. Recently discovered that I look good with nude lipstick shades. Mum says I should wear more lipstick, even though I hated wearing lipstick in the past. Point taken.

8. Patience is a virtue. I’m glad I waited close to a year to get a dress I’ve always been eyeing for it to go on sale. Point to note: Always meet XLB in shopping malls, I can always shop when he’s late.

9. I should stop thinking that I’m lonely and alone, and no one cares. Truth is, there ARE people who really care, if I were them I would be annoyed. At times I do feel lonely, but it never lasts, and for that I’m grateful.

10. Had a really wonderful birthday on Friday, surrounded by my friends and loved ones. Amazed that people really do think of me, I had so much cake. I love cake.

Also, happy (belated) anniversary to my wallet. I’ve been taking really good care of it, and so it still looks as good as new.

Till next time, take care everyone.


How I feel about lifts

The lift (or elevator as some might call it) forms a big part of my life. I live on the thirteenth floor of my apartment block, so I take the lift everyday in and out of home. Subconsciously, my brain seems to be thinking about lifts a lot, and sometimes, it thinks a little too much. Read More

I tried transparent milk tea| 私は透明なミルクティーを飲んでみました [Premium Morning Tea by Suntory]

Late last year, Japan went crazy over a bottle of milk tea. The catch is, it is not just any normal bottle of milk tea, but the liquid is completely TRANSPARENT. Japan recently had this craze over flavoured water, where the humble bottle of mineral water is jazzed up with all sorts of flavours, from fruit-flavoured ones like peach and lemon, to more bizarre options like Calpis and milk tea. Even Youtubers Simon and Martina made a video trying many different flavours of flavoured water and trying to guess the flavours, with strong reactions of disgust and dislike.

Flavoured water is not unfamiliar in Singapore either, as I’m sure most Singaporeans would know the long existence of our beloved Pink Dolphin, which is basically a clear, peach-flavoured drink that contains different types of of vitamins and minerals. I remember drinking it often when I was in primary school during school excursions or family outings, and feeling less guilty because visually, it looked like I was drinking plain water. The brand has since expanded to include more flavours, and a brand new packaging.

Pink Dolphin

Japan’s obsession with flavoured water slowly crept its way into Singapore’s shores, and supermarkets and convenience stores are stocking up on Japanese flavoured water. So when I came across the Suntory Premium Morning Tea at the nearby 7-Eleven, I was intrigued.


A bottle of Suntory Premium Morning Tea costs SGD2.60 at 7-Eleven. To put things in perspective, a bottle of Pokka Green Tea costs $2.40, and a bottle of Pokka Premium Milk Tea costs $2.70. For flavoured water, it is kinda expensive. I could have had a decent bottle of sweetened green tea for less, and a bottle of actual milk tea for just ten cents more. Price-wise, there really isn’t any incentive for anyone to get it in the first place.

Therefore, I decided to set up a poll on Instagram Stories to get my friends to decide for me, and the people have spoken (at least those who decided to respond to my poll):


[Point to note: Before the poll ended, the margin widened to 58% (Yes) to 42% (No).]

It was seriously a close fight, with difference in votes to be less than ten. However, majority wins and I went with the majority. I went to another 7-Eleven, and I saw that not only did they have the milk tea, but also the lemon tea. Great. Curiosity got the better of me and I got both. I don’t know whether to feel stupid or feel proud for myself.


On the packaging, it says Premium Morning Tea. What an interesting name, I thought. I guess Japanese people only drink tea in the morning? How is it premium tea if it’s flavoured water? It also wrote “Suntory 天然水” (Natural water), along with “透明なミルクティー!!” (Transparent milk tea!). Super confusing. So is this water-flavoured milk tea, or milk tea-flavoured water? I guess if they just market it as the latter, it’ll probably be less intriguing and people will want to shun it more. Labelling it “Transparent milk tea” will probably attract a lot of attention from curious customers, me included.

Also, it also stated that Assam tea leaves were used in making this drink.


The science behind making these drinks is actually pretty interesting, and you just read here to know more if you’re curious. Knowing how it is made, we can be assured that the ingredients come from natural sources, not containing artificial flavours (I wonder what’s in the “frangrance” though LOL)

Alright, here comes the big reveal, itadakimasu! *Drum rolls*

From its smell, my first impression was that it was similar to Japanese royal milk tea (the instant ones or those that are packaged in bottles and cans), except that it was much sweeter. Upon the first taste, it was just like how it smelled. The first taste that hit me was a very familiar taste of royal milk tea, except that it had a lot of sugar piling on top of it. I feel that for flavoured water, Suntory has done quite a good job of trying to make it taste like milk tea. I find the taste and fragrance pretty accurate (at least to the instant and packaged versions). However, compared to the actual milk tea, it lacks the milky richness that I like in milk teas. Also, the taste doesn’t linger for very long, giving the impression of blandness, which is expected from flavoured water anyway. Overall, it tastes like very fragrant, sweet milk tea, but the taste disappears quickly. I don’t think it is very diluted, nor do I feel that the flavours are intense enough, I just think that the taste doesn’t linger.

Also, I tried drinking it two ways- the first time with my eyes not looking at the bottle and the second time looking, and the results are also very different. The first time, it really tasted like very sweet milk tea, but the moment I looked at it and think of it as water, I could immediately feel a sense of displeasure. The psychology aspect in drinking this is really immense.


Overall, I find that this drink is pretty interesting, as who would have thought of creating milk tea that looks like plain water? Fruit-flavoured water still seems feasible, but milk tea? However, I don’t think anyone in the right mind would want to pick this up if they feel like drinking a bottle of milk tea. There are already so many good options that are actually milk tea, why choose this?

I would say, if you feel like drinking milk tea, please don’t be a cheapo and choose this, pick up the Pokka Premium Milk Tea for just ten cents more. If you wanna drink more water but dislike plain water or find plain water boring, then by all means choose this, though I honestly would rather drink plain water. Also, I wouldn’t think of smuggling this into lecture halls or concert halls either, as everyone would have probably figured out by then. A part of me feels like trolling everyone by filling up the bottle with plain water muahahahaha. 

Should you try this? Yes. Would I get this again? No. Am I glad I tried it? Yes.


To be fair, I rated it both as flavoured water (since it is flavoured water), and as milk tea (since they marketed it as transparent milk tea).

As flavoured water- 8/10 (good attempt at trying to be milk tea, although some things are still lacking)

As milk tea- 2/10 (it’s a terrible bottle of milk tea)

Try it, just once, you will not regret it. You may have a different opinion from mine, and I would love to hear it.

Till next time, take care everyone.


Books I’ve Read in December 2017

I finished reading two books in the last month last year, both of which I read concurrently throughout the month. December had been unexpectedly eventful for me, with the Christmas holidays and the practicing. So glad that I still got time to read.

I started off the last bit of November reading The Lost Symbol by Dan BrownI’ve had this book lying in my bookshelf for a few years now, and I can’t believe haven’t gotten down to reading it yet, so I’m glad I finally touched it. The story is set in Washington DC and explores the secrets and mysteries of Freemasonry, enlightenment, Noetic science and a little bit of physics. The storyline revolves around a man who goes all out in his attempt to seek enlightenment and uncover the Ancient Mysteries, even if it meant doing things in the most selfish and sadistic way possible.

Similar to Angels and Demons (if you have read it before), the story unravels in a treasure hunt, problem-solving walkthrough kind of format, close to real time. The characters are interesting and mysterious, and you never know whose side to take. What I do not really like about this book is that the scenes skip really abruptly from character to character. Just as when you’re engrossed with the development of one character, it goes to another, and then another. Dan Brown tends to do this a lot, but I found it more prominent in The Lost Symbol. Hence, the momentum of building up till the climax was not very satisfyingly strong to me, unlike in Angels and Demons. I also found the title of the novel a little misleading, and I can’t really explain it well enough without giving away a few spoilers, so I better not do so.

The Lost Symbol is not for the faint-hearted, especially if you’re squeamish about gore and sadism. The story is also pretty intense, so I try to avoid reading it before bedtime, otherwise it would keep me awake for the whole night. If you’re a fan of Dan Brown and his novels on Robert Langdon, I would recommend this as well.

Because I only read The Lost Symbol in my daily commute, I was led into the world of tech startups with Zero to One by Peter Thiel (along with Blake Masters) to end the day. This book is like a useful introduction/guide to the startup industry (more specifically tech startups), be it whether you’re thinking of developing your own startup or wanting to know more about startups. From creating an idea, to managing your own startup, this book covers it rather generally. Thiel does not really tell people what to do most of the time, but shares a few concepts behind a successful startup, along with observations from other companies as well as his own anecdotes from his time with Paypal and other ventures.

Why would I even be reading this book, you may ask? Well my boyfriend had been reading this book and he passed a copy to me because I wanted to read it and learn more about the things that he’s been up to. Reading this book turned out much more than that, I feel that some of the lessons learnt could also be applicable in real life. Of course, it’s always good to read something outside of your field.

I realise I haven’t said it here yet, but Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2018 will be a great year for all. As always, I will continue to read lots of books in the coming year, so looking forward to that. For now, I’m reading another book by Dan Brown and I’ve ordered three more books! So excited.

Till next time, take care everyone.